Make your Business Plan for Warehousing and Logistics

A successful business plan for warehousing and logistics business need in-depth knowledge of supply chain, geographical knowledge and cost effective transportation methods.

Best Business Plan for Warehousing and Logistics

business plan for warehousing and logistics

The basic difference between Warehousing and Logistic is, warehousing means art of storage goods, making maximum use of available space for storage of goods ( Raw and Finished) and Logistic means art of transportation of goods from one place to another with minimum breakage or loss or spillage within the best given time.

Warehouse business plan

If you are a new entrant in to the business of warehousing then you need to know the potential areas within your city or its outskirts from where connectivity to other parts of the world is excellent. Apart from good location of your warehouse you should have proper warehouse infrastructure in place which consists of properly build warehouse with modern facilities like in-house office for staff, storage facility like racks and pallets, material handling equipments like pallet trucks Or forklifts, cranes for movement of heavy goods, dock levelers for easy movement of goods from truck / trailer to the floor of warehouse, weighing bridges, manpower to operate this equipments.

Once you have a proper warehousing infrastructure in place then after you can either out source your logistic part with excellent arrangement of transportation of goods from you warehouse to other part of country / world Or you can have your own logistic / transportation fleet of trucks and trailers.

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Logistics business plan

To create your own fleet you should carefully plan your purchase of these vehicles which can transport good to the last mile into the city. Big truck or trailer for intercity transportation, small truck / tempo intra city transportation and even smaller vehicles for last mile delivery of goods.

If you are into active warehouse management and operation then you might also need packaging materials for repacking of goods like corrugated boxes, sealant tapes, plastic wraps, bubble wraps, wooden boxes for heavy goods etc.

The key to successful warehousing and logistic business is operating / storing / transportation of goods and delivery of goods in time with no or minimum breakage or loss or spillage or wastage of material during transportation.

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