How will you increase your storage capacity / area in a small warehouse?

Increase Warehouse Storage Capacity

Tips to increase storage capacity in a small warehouse

Racking System is the answer to your problem. A proper racking system installed can be of great use when you have a limited ground storage space. You can make a maximum use of your warehouse when the storage is done vertically in a well-designed racking system.

Yes, @IndiaWarehousing we do site inspection to tell you which type of Racking System will best fit your need and budget.

There are different types of racks available which can be customized as per the need. The best part about Racking System is, it can be fitted in as per the need.

Warehouse Space Optimization Techniques

Some most commonly used racking systems are: Industrial Racking Storage System, Heavy Duty Racking System, Pallet Racking System, and Multi tire Racking System, Slotted Angle Racks etc.

Heavy Duty Racking System:

Heavy Duty Storage Racks are widely used for storage of raw material; Semi finished and finished products in any Industry.

  • The main advantage of Heavy Duty Racks is:
  • Customized design as per available space on site.
  • Design is purely based on the material to be stored.
  • Design is being decided on the load bearing capacity.
  • Easy to Install and Can be shifted to any place easily.

Pallet Racking System:

Pallet rack is a material handling storage aid system designed to store materials on pallets. Forklift trucks are an integral part of any pallet rack system as they are usually required to place the loaded pallets on to the racks for storage. Pallet Racking is a great solution for heavy stock capacity.

The Main advantages of Pallet Racking Systems are:

  • Bulk Storage of materials.
  • Quick access to all SKU’s.
  • Allows you to work with verities of inventory control methods.
  • Complete customization options.
  • Optimized safety of storage area.
  • Reduce amount of time in handling of materials.
  • Capitalize on Sq. Ft. Space.

Along with racking system which increases your storage area, a well-designed Mezzanine floor will increase your work area to its maximum capacity. How?

Mezzanine is a cost effective solution to increase your storage and production area by utilizing the existing unused vertical space in your warehouse. Mezzanine can be installed in high ceiling spaces to optimize vertical space. These semi-permanent steel structures / platforms are most often more affordable then building renovations.

Benefits of Mezzanine:

  • Efficient Space Utilization
  • Better Equipment Access
  • Saving construction Cost.
  • Saving Expansion Related Expenses.
  • One time investment.
  • Meeting growth demands
  • No waiting period – Ready to install.

Ideal Use for Mezzanines:

  • Catwalks and Walkways for equipment and other building access.
  • Bulk Storage Space.
  • Equipment and Production Platform.
  • Conveyor Support.
  • Office or Viewing Tower elevation.
  • Full pallet storage.
  • Shelving Support for parts storage.
  • Crossover Bridge.
  • High Density parts storage.
  • Elevated work platforms.

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