Why Metal Roofing are Growing in Popularity?

Image of Metal Roofing

Reasons for Popularity of Metal Roofing

Long Life / Durability: In some of the most challenging commercial applications where sustained exposure to dirt, wind and industrial pollution are nearly unavoidable, properly installed alloy-coated steel roofs any significant maintenance is required. Even in coastal areas prone to continuing salt spray, the alloy coatings are capable of protecting the steel substrate from corrosion. Good Looks/Aesthetics: Modern high-speed roll forming processes shape steel into versatile, eye-catching design, with a verity of profiles in appealing colors. They keep their good looks for decades, not just a few years. Low Life Style Costs: Obviously, durability and continued aesthetic appeal help lower the overall life cycle costs of the roof. Weather Resistance: Steel has commendable ability to shed water especially with today’s new corrosion -resistant alloy coatings. Besides water, steel also sheds snow quickly, thus reducing the tress on a roof during winters. Its inherent strength combined with profile design strength ensure roof will not crack, split or break when struck by strong winds. Fire Resistance: We can expect steel to burn and steel’s fire resistance can help slow the spread of fire within a building. Light Weight: Steel roofing systems typically are of lighter weights then many other roofing systems. It therefor helps to reduce costs. It does this by reducing the need for reinforcement required when heavier roofing is used. Re-roofing Ease: Light Weight is an important advantage. Steel roofs often can be installed over existing roofs with little or no modification. This saves time, labour as well as the cost of cleanup and disposal. Environmental Appeal: Metal roofing not only eliminates the need for frequent replacements, it also is recyclable if the roof eventually is removed. Steel roofing systems are virtually 100 percent recyclable and can be recycled over and over again without ever losing quality. Energy Savings: Steel roofing offers high thermal performance, dissipating heat quickly in warm climates. Low Maintenance: Like most of today’s low-maintenance exterior products, steel roofing systems require minimal care. A few basic steps include an annual inspection of the roof, cleaning the roof from accumulated debris, and checking roof-top ancillaries to ensure that they are properly drained and supported so that pounding water is avoided. Allergens: Unlike some other traditional materials steel is not vulnerable to insect, mold or not, Therefor, it does not require the application of insecticides or other hazardous chemicals. Moreover, steel does not host allergens or other irritants. This makes steel the best choices for “Green” Building, where the goal is to reduce or eliminate the introduction of chemical substances. Return on Owner’s Investment: Steel roofing systems offers great usable life spans. As a result, a Steel roofing system adds significantly to the resale value of a building. IndiaWarehousing offers a wide variety of metal roofing systems from traditional shingles to batten seam panels that allow for unlimited design flexibility and creativity. It is a leading roofing company and pioneer of fastest self supported, steel roofing system in India.