XPS Insulation Board

XPS Insulation Board


  • Insulation For Inverted & Traditional Roofs, Basements, Car Park Decks And Heavy-duty Commercial, Industrial And Cold Storage Flooring


  • High performance rigid extruded polystyrene insulation – thermal conductivity as low a:s 0.028 (W/mK)
  • Protects waterproofing membrane
  • Minimal water absorption
  • High compressive strength
  • Compatible with green root systems
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Ideal for new construction and re-construction
  • Reduces A.C. power consumption


  • Over Deck – RCC Roofs
  • Under Deck – RCC Or Metal Roofs
  • External Wall Insulation
  • Internal Wall Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • False Ceilings
  • Partitions & Internal Walls


    • ‘INFOAM'”‘ is an Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) rigid board used for thermal insulation. It is produced from general-purpose polystyrene by the process of extrusion. These extruded sheets have a closed-cell structure and virtually no air voids in between the cells. Globally, XPS has been widely us. ed for thermal insulation for the last 40 years. It Is acknowledged to be one of the best ‘value-for-money thermal insulation materials.
    • XPS Insulation is a closed-cell, moisture-resistant rigid foam board which is well-suited to meet the needs of a wide variety of building applications.
    • INFOAMM’s insulation is great for many residential and commercial construction applications such as wall furring, perimeter/foundation, cavity wall, pre-cast concrete, under-slab, crawl spaces, sheathing, and other applications. INFOAM” insulation boards play an important role in achieving “green” or “sustainability” goals.
    • Finished boards for thermal insulation are primarily used in refrigeration and building applications in the temperature range of -150°C to 70°C.



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