UV lights disinfecting robots

UV lights disinfecting robots

Astra-C is a disinfectant system based on UV- C radiation. UV is used as a germicide in operating theatres and testing labs. However, by being stationary the effects are limited.

Astra makes the unit mobile enabling reach across all the patient wards, lobbies, hallways, and quarantine centers.

C-Astra’s UV disinfection technologies can play a role in a multiple barrier approach to reducing the transmission of the virus causing COVID-19.




     The Astra-C robot is designed to deliver the ultimate disinfection for your premises.

    1.      Effective Disinfection: (UV light capability)

    • 360-degree disinfection: The placement of the bulb around the center is in such a way that the radiation reaches all sides inside the
    • Zero chemical residue – Unlike the fogging style of disinfection, Astra does not leave any chemical
    • Large area coverage: With the localization and heat map, the robot covers maximum facility coverage of irradiation

    2.      Safe disinfection

    • The Astra robot is capable of
    1. Navigating Autonomously
    2. With Humans in the loop.

    Both of these methods do not require any human being to be right next to the robot to push it around.

    • User-friendly design: The robot is ergonomically designed and simple to

    3.      Autonomous Navigation

    • The UVC light is Deadly to bacteria and viruses & hazardous to human beings as well. This is why the Astra platform is going to be taking the UVC Light irradiation system autonomously (self-driving) to various parts of the
    • Autonomously navigating So reaches to all corners of the facility. Only one solution for all operatories, reception, lobby, consultation room, pantry, etc!
    1. Stay on top of things: Computer Vision-based tool for diagnosis, data collection, and monitoring.
    2. Applications: The Astra-C robot can be used in a variety of premises to disinfect and maintain hygiene.


    • Power supply: Following are the power supply requirements: Two 3 pin power sockets of 220 V for recharge of the
    • Human in the Loop: Availability of support engineers who get trained on the robot’s features & will control & monitor.
    • Network connectivity: Consistent upload bandwidth of 15
    • Flooring specifications: Reasonably flat navigable surface, devoid of Ramps and speed
    • Navigation environment: If the navigable area has a lot of transparent surfaces like glass – it may need to get covered with Reflective stickers for the LiDAR to function optimally.

    Safety Measures

    • Do not look into the Light as this can damage the
    • Do not expose skin to this as UVC light has been observed to be carcinogenic on long
    • Please be careful with the brittle UV light bulbs – Any mechanical blow might break the glass
    • Do not step on the base or put objects on.
    • Do not obstruct the path of the robot, when it is navigating to a certain
    • Please use a suitable power
    • Make sure the robot does not get exposed to Water
    • Please store the robot in a cool dry place
    • To avoid electric shock, fire or injury, please read the user manual carefully before using the appliance and keep it for future reference


    •  Invento Robotics provides a 1-year guarantee for Astra-C robots, which starts from the day of the completion of the deployment. Please refer to the SOW/Proposal from Invento Robotics for more


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