Flexible Cooling Ducts

Flexible Cooling Ducts

Flexible Duct:

  • Flexible ducting or ‘Flex’, is used to transport hot or cold air from the unit into your home and vice versa through the griI1s or diffusers.
  • It is highly convenient for attaching supply air outlets to rigid ductwork with long zip ties or metal band claDs.
  • Flexible ducts can speed up installation by reducing the number of joints in a run and eliminating the need for elbows and offsets.
  • It is multiple aluminum, polyester laminated ducting with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire
  • Easy to install over round or oval ducting due to high
  • No special tools required for cutting or
  • Tested for Fire No toxic gas emission in case of fire.
  • Lower cost due to taster installation, transport and logistics




    FLEXIBLE INSULATION DUCTS Environment-Friendly AHU & HVAC Solutions

    • Top-quality solutions for all your HVAC construction Two distinct cores serve a range of pressure requirements from residential to medium commercial systems.
    • Flexible duct products for both residential and commercial HVAC applications that provide the most economical solution to your air-handling
    • Formaldehyde-free insulation for improved indoor air quality,

    Available as

    1) insulated Flexible Duct 2) Non-Insulated Flexible Duct


    • INFLEX’° insulated/non-insulaled flexible ducts are thermally insulated, fully-lined, designed for low-Io-medium pressure cooling and heating HVAC It can be used in supply or return sections and is an economical solution for handling misalignment Detween system components and ducting around obstacles where fabricated & fitted GI ducts are difficult and costly to use.
    • It is equally suitable for new jobs or retrofit works and especially useful for system extensions or changing conditioned zones, now or in the Compliance to NFPA standards allows overcoming the 14″ Ienglh limitation in connectors for fire and flame safety in ducting systems.
    • It is a highly efficient part of the total duct system because the smooth liner, ample insulation, and tough outer vapour barrier provide excellent airflow, thermal insulation and double air
    • II’s widely used in short term installation projects where installation is to be done swiftly.


    • Highly Energy Efficient & Thermally Stable
    • Good Acoustic Performance
    • Fire Retardant Materials Used In Construction
    • Easily Expands Over Fittings
    • Even Airflow
    • Easy Installation
    • Low Maintenance
    • Durable Finish
    • Weather Resistant
    • Tear And Puncher Resistant
    • Minimum Friction Loss
    • Highly Resistant To Microbial Growth
    • Light Weight
    • Convenient Packaging & Handling
    • Extremely Strong
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • High Tensile Strength
    • Dimensionally Strong
    • Minimum Friction Loss


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