Automation for Freezing/Cooling Plants

Automation for Freezing/Cooling Plants

Automation for Freezing/Cooling Plants:

As an automated storage and retrieval system that stores the refrigerated and frozen goods in extreme temperatures from 0˚C to -30˚C, it maximizes storage efficiency in limited spaces. And it achieves fast and accurate processes in shipment and warehouse management with various automation appliances and computerized programming.


  • Energy saving with a maximized insulation effect

– Thermal breaking design between racks and panels

– Prevented the dew condensation by outside insulation and structure          separation

  • ISC and RTV for the cold-storage warehouse with cold-proof specifications
  • Standardized appliances including ISC, Conveyor, Insulation Doors, RTV, etc.
  • Convenient and safe maintenance in extreme temperatures (0℃ to -30℃)

– Easy repair and maintenance with board replacement in ISC and RTV failure



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