About Us

Company Achievements Company Overview Key Processes Summary of Primary Offering
Brief History

The parent company is RentalHelpline which was found in the year 2010. The primary dealing was in renting and leasing of warehouse and commercial space.

With the need of specialized warehouse portal and dedicated warehousing services, the concept of IndiaWarehousing came into existence. With conceiving of the idea the same was implemented in the year 2016.

Slowly and gradually the portal was refined for warehousing spaces. The product and services portal was then merged with the main portal and was full fledged taken into action with the mid of 2016.

With starting of 2017 the product and service division was fully active and started tie up with Product manufacturers and vendors and service providers and today IndiaWarehousing is on the track of becoming one stop solution for warehousing Space, Products and Services.

Primary Line of Business

Leasing of Warehousing and Industrial Space and Dealing / Trading in warehousing products and Services.

Primary Audience

Logistic Companies, Warehouse Developers, Logistic Park Developers and all Industries using warehousing products and Services.

Leadership/Management Team

The company is headed by Mr. Chetan Dattani, who is in the field of Real Estate since last 15 years and having a trading experience of warehousing products and services.

Summary of Primary Offering

The Primary line of business is Leasing of Warehousing and Industrial Space and Lands. The main revenue generation is from consultancy provided to companies for leasing and purchasing of warehouse space and lands.


Already tied up with various product vendors and manufacturers like, PEB (Pre Engineered Buildings) Manufacturers, Roofing Solutions and Services, Warehouse Insulation Products, Flooring Contractors, Material Handling Equipments Manufacturers.


Sourcing of warehouse and industrial properties, consultancy for leasing and purchasing warehouse and industrial properties and related services.


The purpose of creating IndiaWarehousing was to give one stop product solution and services to all who are looking for warehouse space, product or service.


The vision is to be the best entity in providing Warehousing space products and Services under one roof.

Mission statement

Fight till the goal is reached.

Core values

Transparency, Honesty and Dedication.


Creating a benchmark in the Warehousing Industry (Real Estate, Products and Services)

For Space Section

Sourcing the right property matching clients needs and budget.

For Products and Service Section

Identifying and tie up with the right manufacturer and promote and sale the product and services online and generate more business.

Space Section

Dealt with major Agro commodity companies like NBHC and Edelweiss Fin Serve. Handling Project marketing for dedicated logistic parks in Gujarat.

Product and Service Section

Contracts signed with many Product Manufacturers and Vendors like PEB companies, Material Handling Equipments Companies, Roofing Manufacturing Companies, Warehouse Insulation Manufacturers Etc.

Present Conditions

In expansion mode.